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NetID, general information

NetID is the general authentication mechanism of Delft University of Technology. An authentication mechanism is a way to identify yourself to an application.

You can use your NetID to access some ICT applications, like Blackboard and TAS. In the near future more applications will be accessible by using NetID. To use NetID, first you must activate it.

The system, which provides NetID, contains information about persons en their relation with TU Delft.
This information is based on base registration of the TU Delft. To correct this information this should be modified in the base registration.
For students: Central Studentadministration (CSa)
For staff: the local HR contact

New students

Students who are for the first time enrolled get information about their e-mailaddress and NetID by letter.
They must activate NetID with the one-time-key, which is given in this letter.
Go to e-service.tudelft.nl and choose: Set password with one-time-key

NetID application inactive

This NetID-application can only be used by External Blackboard users. They have received their NetID and instructions from E-Learning Support.
Employees and students can activate the NetID and change and set the password here: http://password.tudelft.nl

Via http://e-service.tudelft.nl you can manage your personal data and your data about your relationship with the TU Delft, as well as indicating where your data may be published or how they are passed on to third parties.